End of an Era, But Not of Glory

By, Jordan Harbin

As the final true Bastion of Chelsea slowly paces through the corridors and dons the claret and blue, we look back at the generation that was and those who have risen to take their place.

Some called them the “Golden Generation”, and boasted that their shoes would never be truly filled. Are we then left to hang our heads on the mediocracy that is current footballing? Or can we see a new generation taking their rightful place? As current football supporters and fans we are observing a massive shift in the footballing world. This forward movement is not without it’s growing pains, but is steadily bringing progress towards a new generation.

Most players currently are being described as the “next Messi”, the “next Drogba”, and the like. However, these players are consistently breaking these molds. It is almost as entirely pointless as Tottenham’s title chances next season to assume that these players will simply fit into these castes of former icons. Restricting current players to the type and shape of those who have played before them is limiting and self-defeating. No one is stopping to explore the possibilities of something greater than this hallowed generation, something even better than we’ve seen before. With our eyes constantly glued to our screens, we are becoming witnesses to change.

Year after year, major clubs dominated the leagues. Even within those clubs, club figures dominated the line up sheets. These players carried, in Chelsea’s case, their club to great heights. The Blues were making the history that we historically lacked. A top four without Chelsea in it was something no one dreamed of. However, I watched on as Chelsea achingly waved another club legend goodbye, thinking, “I don’t know if we will ever see football like this again”. Even at the mention of their names we felt pride and glory. But all good things must come to an end as they say….

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…or do they?

Chelsea’s apparent decision to push the self-destruct button (but it was just so shiny!) last season started to create voices in the Blues faithful’s heads. Could this be it? A head-forward plunge into nothingness? Surely not! As the sky drew across itself a dark black, then he came, that beautiful Italian. Breathing life into a club who had wandered from greatness, getting lost in it’s own light. He made us believe again. He gave us hope. Sweet hope. He ushered us into this new glory. He made players into club legends. He took those who were not cut out to wipe the dirt off the golden generation’s boots, and he made them into Champions! He saw the potential in those that were left in the wake of the great ones, and saw that all was not lost.

This new project, this is something special.

Conte is shaping and molding these men into something truly spectacular. The long drawn out transfer sagas and clandestine tweets linking us to every player who’s ever breathed will be worth it. Conte is the next generation, just as much as these new players are. This manager is just as important to the Blues as the eleven who will line up together on August the twelfth against Burnley. Thrashing the Arsenal 3-0 is just the beginning. With the ageless wisdom of the great Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson.

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield


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Thumbnail Image Courtesy of: Photobucket (Che-Cheh)

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