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Chelsea win, but who was MotM: Hazard or Cesc?

London is Blue is a soccer fancast created by Chelsea FC fans from America and covers all things Chelsea. Hosts are @BBBusbee, @DanDormer and @NickVerlaney.

Match Review

Chelsea 4-1 Bournemouth
Barclays Premier League

Questions answered

Jenkins: In a pretty unforgettable season, what's your moment to remember?

Kyle: Which current senior team member do you think would have the most successful MMA career?

Mark: How much of a disadvantage is Chelsea at transfer wise knowing that Conte isnt with the team until after the Euros?

Lewis: Considering Chelsea won't get into any European competition next year, would it be advantages to hang onto a player like Pato as a second striker? Also in tandem with this question if it comes to it, what players from our loan army would be ready to bring back and play in our first team?

Patrick: We'll certainly be making a bid for Stones again this summer. Given his not so stellar play the second half of this season, what's a fair price to pay for him?

Avy: Why did Guus use only 1 sub? That too after 80 mins. Where is the "giving youth experience" mantra gone?

Upcoming Game

Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur
Barclays Premier League


Brandon: 2-2 D
Dan: 3-2 W
Nick: 1-0 W

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