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All Good Things…

A post mortem on #TOTCHE

The saying “All good things must come to an end.” was penned by Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet of the Late Middle Ages. Sure, it’s a bit pessimistic, but in the 1300’s folks didn’t have things like soccer, Netflix and legalized marijuana to distract themselves. They were too busy dealing with the Great Famine, peasant uprisings, constant war and the Black Plague. 

But I digress. Let’s get back to the real problems of the modern-day Chelsea fan.

The Blues almost made it to a record-setting 14 consecutive wins in a row. That is until the Spurs—more specifically, Dele Alli’s head–abruptly ended our glorious winning streak.

Is it wrong to be melancholy? Is it wrong to wonder why Costa didn’t bully his way to a 15th goal? Is it greedy to wish that the wins would never ever stop? 

Um, no. It’s not wrong. That’s why they call us fans. As in “fanatics.”

But it’s important for us fanatics to keep things in perspective. After all, Chelsea is still at the top of the table and looking strong. The Spurs were just the better team today. Our back line wasn’t the brick wall that we’ve become accustomed to. Hazard didn’t impose his will on the opposition. A few calls didn’t go our way. Diego publicly scolded Pedro for not making a run. Just ugly.

But after the game, the Blues kept their heads high, as they should.

“This is one loss in 14 games and it isn’t going to affect us one bit.” -Gary Cahill
“We lost the game but we showed we are a team.” -Antonio Conte 

But personally, I can’t seem to shake my funk. Which is completely normal after a trying day.

In Chaucer’s time, I’m sure folks just like you and me were bummed out from time to time too. Like during the Great Famine, for example, when it rained so much that crops couldn’t be grown. Which led to starving peasants foraging in the forest for nuts, grass and bark to eat, abandoning their children to fend for themselves and many times resorting to cannibalism. 

Imagine having to tell Uncle Simon that he’s what’s for dinner. Awkward.

Doesn’t that help put today’s stinging loss into perspective?

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already

Match Review: Tottenham vs. Chelsea #TOTCHE

Match Review: Tottenham vs. Chelsea #TOTCHE

Tottenham End Chelsea's Win Streak, but We're Still in 1st Place

Tottenham End Chelsea's Win Streak, but We're Still in 1st Place